Family & Divorce Mediation


Going through a divorce -- especially if there are children involved -- is a very challenging and stressful time for everyone involved. 


Our goal is simple. We want to take the mystery and stress out of the divorce process and empower you to make your own decisions -- and a much lower cost than going through a divorce trial. A mediated divorce (also called a collaborative divorce) usually proceeds much faster through the court system since it is an uncontested proceeding. 

We are certified in mediating divorces in Virginia and we work directly with you and your spouse to help you find a workable way to live apart and reach an understanding on how assets and debts are divided. We craft a property settlement agreement (PSA) that serves as the basis of your divorce. We also provide the additional resources you'll need to file for your divorce. You and your spouse will have the final say over your divorce instead of waiting for a judge to decide. Mediation allows couples to maintain the power and control.


During the mediated sessions either in person or via video chat, we'll facilitate discussions between you and your ex to work out agreements on equitable property settlement, parenting plans, custody, child support, visitation, and more. Plus, we collaborate with a team of professionals who can assist you with real property valuation, wills and estate planning, financial planning, life insurance, health insurance, and more.

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