The employment market is extremely competitive, especially in the Northern Virginia region. Workplace mediation is a voluntary and confidential discussion between those involved in the conflict and is facilitated by an impartial mediator who is not affiliated with the conflicting employees' employer. 

Mediation reduces a company's risk of losing good employees who may leave due to the stress they face in the workplace due to conflict. The goal is to resolve the issues and ensuring the parties will be able to handle any future conflict more effectively.


In family mediation, we will help you find a workable way to live apart, reach an understanding, and ultimately a settlement. We'll facilitate discussions between you and your ex to work out agreements on parenting plans, custody, child support, visitation, and more.


Emotions surrounding a divorce are rarely factored into settlement meetings between two opposing attorneys. Mediation provides a neutral, caring, and respectful method to resolve post-separation details at a lower cost. Because the settlement that the parties reach is designed by the parties themselves, it is more likely to be carried out without the need for external enforcement or further litigation.

Contract Disutes


United States businesses spend over $20 billion per year to litigation attorneys. Is it worth it? Perhaps not, especially when even a small litigated dispute can create enormous damage to your reputation, your social media profile, and your business.


In court, there is a winner and a loser determined by a judge. When you choose mediation over litigation, you save time, stress, and money, plus you are more likely to achieve a win-win outcome rather than a protracted, bitter dispute. Plus, mediation is completely confidential.


In  digital mediation, we provide mediation services to parties who are located at a distance from one another or whose conflict is so strong they can’t stand to be in the same room.


Digital mediation resembles traditional facilitative mediation using video conferencing services (Zoom, Google, FaceTime, or Skype). This allows parties to easily communicate with one another and the mediator in real time while also benefiting from visual and vocal cues. Studies show that technology-enhanced mediation can be just as effective as traditional meditation and more importantly, parties often find it to be a low-stress process that increases trust and promotes positive emotions.

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