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Workplace Mediation

Unbiased, expert-led mediation services to resolve employee or customer disputes confidentially.

What is Workplace Mediation?

Good employees are hard to find, especially in the National Capital region. Over 80% of employees have admitted to searching for other jobs due to conflict in the workplace. If the conflict continues, it can lead to a downturn in workplace morale, decreased motivation, feelings of dissatisfaction about the company -- and poor Glassdoor reviews. Worst case: an unresolved workplace conflict can lead to expensive litigation proceedings and even more damaging publicity on social media and in the press.

How can you overcome this risk? By choosing to allow your employees to mediate their disputes confidentially with us. We are expert negotiators and as a neutral party, we can evaluate the situation in an unbiased way, unlike a company's HR department. At the end of the mediation, we draft a Memorandum of Agreement (or Understanding) that serves as a guide for the parties and as a record for the company.

At Atlantic Mediation Services, you decide what "right" looks like and we're here to be the neutral and practical guide. Hiring Atlantic Mediation costs significantly less than going to court and the fees are typically shared equally among the parties. Contact us today or book online below.

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