What is Mediation?


Mediation is a highly-personalized, private, and voluntary process between two or more parties. You negotiate your own agreement entirely and no settlement is *imposed* upon you (as opposed to what happens in litigation or arbitration).


As a mediator, we act as a facilitator - not an advocate, judge, or therapist. You can stop at any time and without a reason. As a voluntary process, each participant is motivated to solve problems while the mediator assists the parties in identifying issues, exploring alternatives, and helping you reach voluntary agreements. Meditators are not permitted to provide legal advice and clients are encouraged to seek the advice of counsel at any time.


Hiring Atlantic Mediation costs significantly less than going to court and the fees are typically shared equally among the parties. Contact us today or book online below.

Need to prepare for a divorce? Here is a convenient checklist that includes the major decision points for a property settlement agreement and separation.