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Erin Fisher

Introducing our Founder, Erin Fisher, at Atlantic Mediation Services.

With over 20 years of expertise in mediation, leadership coaching, and effective communication, Erin Fisher excels in fostering operational success within businesses of all sizes. Her focus lies in enhancing team dynamics, managing change effectively, and bridging cultural gaps in the workplace. Her vast experience, including nearly two decades supporting the Department of State, enables her to help corporate clients navigate the challenges of a diverse workplace.

Erin's travels across the globe have honed her understanding and appreciation of cultural differences, enriching her approach to communication strategies and leadership coaching. Her unbiased and open-minded perspective, combined with her ability to foster strong relationships, set her apart in her field.

Erin holds a Bachelor's Degree in Communication from West Virginia University and an Executive Certification in Advanced Negotiation from the University of Notre Dame. This unique educational background endows her with a deep understanding of personal and workplace dynamics and the emotions that can arise during times of change or uncertainty.

In her work with private clients, Erin recognizes the multitude of responsibilities her clients may be juggling alongside the complexities of their professional roles. Her empathetic and compassionate approach helps clients navigate these challenges, ultimately leading them toward a more productive and harmonious workplace environment. Experience the transformative power of Atlantic Mediation Services and unlock your organization's full potential with Erin today.

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